Want to share special moments through very diverse equestrian activities, mounted or on foot, with or without your horse?

From 8 years throughout the year, whether you’re a beginner or experienced, just practice

–>  career or in the ring:106

     - dressage, show jumping, hunter, aerobatic maneuverability («équifun»)

     - approach, understanding, preparation and care of horses, lanyard, long reins, work release, enhancement of Numériser0003horse-rider complicity («équifeel»)


  –>  outside: 

     - walking, hiking, endurance through routes without difficulty in the forest « low » and more technical level in the forest « high ».

✔ from 25,00 € per session for riders wishing to pass a ride(discounts for multiple sessions)

✔ from 45,00 € per session for riders wishing to pass a half day hike.

You can choose between several operating systems with horses adapted to your level:

–>  in group sessions: they are conducted with a small number of riders and help you grow as a group.

✔ from 25,00 € per session for riders passing (discounts for multiple sessions)

✔ from 14.95 € per session for regular membership package with the practitioners and federal license surcharge.

–> individual sessions: they are organized upon reservation and allow you to benefit from a custom at your own pace, at your level or your horse based on the objectives you want to achieve program.

✔ from € 37.50 for riders of passage and 32,00 € for regular churchgoers
(discounts for multiple sessions)

–>  in group courses with or without passage of federal gallops during school holidays: they are organized by level or by subject and place on half day or a day or more and include horse riding sessions in one or more disciplines, theory, care around horses.

✔ from € 40.00 for riders of passage and 34,00 € for regular churchgoers




Children under 8 years can change a pony held by an adult during the summer holidays: € 14.00 an hour walk

They can also practice « aerobatics » horse all year


Groups are also welcome: School – vacationers – resorts – Works Councils: study estimates

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