You own and need a regular accommodation for your horse?

Several formulas pensions are available to you for his well-being. If you want to work your horse alone (e), you have the working area available during teaching sessions and have access to a saddlery own space. If you are fans of outdoor riding, you also have access to a wide choice of routes in the forest Born right out of the equestrian center.

- Full board:


box or in the summer meadow

–> box:  outputs individually or collectively paddock *, depending on your choice. Bedding straw, hay, suitable food.

–> pré: during sunny days, your horse is pre day and night in small groups *. Supplement hay and adapted when necessary foods.

✔ from 250,00 € / month

- Pension club:

this is the solution if you can not take care of your horse Photo0634regularly and if you want it to work with riders club: the equestrian center uses your horse * in the context of education when you do not ride sessions.

–> box and / or pre

*cheval unshod post        

 Service work: in addition to the pension

The teacher counts regularly to maintain and develop the physical and mental condition of your horse in a program designed with you.

Cleaning services:  in addition to the pension

Your horse is educated in hand and under saddle gradually work objectives with respect to physical and mental integrity and match your expectations.


You own and need a one-time accommodation for your horse?


You can choose from these options:

daily pension box or paddock

✔ from € 17.00

weekly pension box or paddock

✔ from 70,00 €

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