You are disabled? Do not remain isolated: choose the horse as a partner and mediator!

Contrary to popular belief, it is not because you are disabled you can not go horseback riding or activities around horses, making horse is not a necessity.

The benefits of equestrian activities are well established:

Physical, mental, psychomotor, and social relationships, equestrian activities help advance its muscle tone, joint mobility, proprioréception, posture. They also allow the work location in space, balance and body coordination.

In human terms, they allow you to create and develop new relationships with other riders.


Who can practice?

  • Paraplegic and similar
  • Amps and similar
  • Cerebral Palsy (BMI) and similar
  • People with disabilities or older people great (work on foot or wheelchair on the ground with horses).
  • People with mental or physical disabilities
  • People with sensory disabilities

What equestrian activities to practice?Numériser0002

The disability of each, different activities are proposed:

  • Riding uphill: Equifun, Dressage, Jumping, Walking …
  • « Aerobatics » Working on the body and balance
  • Floor work emphasizing contact with the horse Equifeel

More practice opportunities available to you with calm horses with comfortable gaits and proper equipment:

-> individual support with technical objectives or not (solution may be transient or only possible)

–> support small groups consisting of people with similar or different disabilities.

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